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Former FedEx Exec Heads US Carnet Program

Monday, June 19, 2017

Boomerang carnets welcomes international trade executive, Andy Shiles, to his new position as Senior Vice President of ATA Carnet and Trade Services at the United States Council for International Business (U.S.C.I.B.).

Shiles heads up all ATA Carnet operations in the U.S. on behalf of the ATA Carnet National Guaranteeing Association, U.S.C.I.B. He brings 32 years of experience from FedEx, culminating in the Global Regulatory Compliance Manager role. Shiles' role at U.S.C.I.B. includes the key responsibilities for:

  • liaising with their two ATA Carnet Service Providers,
  • advocating on behalf of the ATA Carnet system within the U.S. trade regulatory authorities, and
  • shepherding the paper ATA Carnet document to a digital, electronically transmitted international customs and temporary export document.

Welcome, Andy!