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Exclusive Webinar for CFOs Features ATA Carnet Experts

Friday, September 16, 2022

Unique International Trade Tool Eliminates Overseas Deposits

CFOs, take an inside look at how the benefits of ATA Carnet use improves cash flow, saves money, and creates growth.  Boomerang carnets’ 30-minute webinar is specifically for CFOs.  Learn about the financial management potential and cost saving features of this internationally accepted customs document, the ATA Carnet, or “Merchandise Passport.”  ATA Carnet use makes each dollar go further, especially in this slow growth economy when it is needed most.

International trade professionals will share information about ATA Carnets in terms CFOs value.  These times of financial turmoil need the certainty of the ATA Carnet, a good product to have for trade and world recovery. The short, concise message is conveyed by:

  • Curt E. H. Wilson, CEO & President, boomerang carnets
  • Declan Daly, Senior Vice President & CFO, United States Council for International Business (USCIB)
  • Michael L. Host, Senior Vice President & CFO, boomerang carnets
  • Kiel Ursin, ATA Carnet Specialist, boomerang carnets

Since the 1960s, companies have benefitted from using this unique temporary export document which allows the importation and re-exportation of goods and merchandise into 87+ countries and territories import-duty and -tax free.  Reduce or eliminate “overseas deposits” from your balance sheet and stop waiting for foreign duty recovery.


Declan Daly, CFO and Senior Vice President, USCIB, will present the history and origin of the ATA Carnet and the international treaty it operates under. He has over thirty years’ accounting, finance, business, and operations experience across many different industries and on a global scale. 

Cash reserves and liquidity have become more important than ever and, as we saw quite recently with the pandemic, those that had them were able to survive and those that didn’t were not.  So, when we look at the tools that we can use as CFOs today to manage our cash flow, the ATA Carnet allows you to avoid having cash unnecessarily deployed overseas as deposits.  By not using an ATA Carnet, you’re increasing the risk of tying up cash overseas in different deposits with foreign customs organizations, and you can have this cash tied up for an extended period of time.  You’re saving yourself huge deposits that you have to outlay if you didn’t go with an ATA Carnet.  Especially if you’re taking a product to many different countries.

Michael L. Host, Senior Vice President & CFO, boomerang carnets, will be on hand to share his unique insider’s perspective.  “We will tell you why ATA Carnets should be important to CFOs. One reality to note is with import-duty and -tax deposits required in foreign currency you have exchange rate exposure and over time permanent loss on that money. With the use of an ATA Carnet, you avoid payment of import-duty and -tax on your temporary export altogether. Why this document doesn’t get more play is confounding.

JOIN THEM!  These are experts in the benefits and flexibility of this unique customs document, and they want to share that knowledge and how ATA Carnet use can positively affect your bottom line.  Don’t miss the rare opportunity to hear their presentation on October 11, 2022, at 11:00 AM US/Central. Check back in a couple weeks when our blog will highlight Curt Wilson’s and Kiel Ursin’s ATA Carnet expertise.  REGISTER HERE: Webinar Registration | RingCentral