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Drones, ATA Carnets, and a Bass Ale Bottle Found on the Titanic

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

The ATA Carnet, also known as “The Merchandise Passport”, enables your product to move into and out of other countries for up to a year without payment of import-duty or -tax.  The benefits of this flexible, internationally accepted customs document for temporary exports can be enjoyed by individuals and companies in nearly all industries.  Do you have a product that you would like to see break into an international market?  With an ATA Carnet, you can ship or hand-carry your product or equipment into and out of countries for demonstration purposes or to accomplish and fulfill contracted jobs.  Recently, boomerang participated in a webinar with The International Trade Association of Greater Chicago (ITA/GC) on “Strategic Uses of Carnets to Get Your Orders Across Borders,” where Curt E.H. Wilson, President and CEO used the drone industry to illustrate the flexibility of carnets and the opportunities that drone manufacturers are creating from their usage.   

The carnets’ adaptability in the drone world is noteworthy because they are utilized in industries across the board: photography, geospatial technology, security, farming & agriculture, art & architecture restoration, emergency management, engineering & construction, search & rescue, medical, land surveying, border control, delivery of goods, subsea engineering, and many more.  Right now, restricted commercial use of drones in the U.S. is leading businesses to turn to international markets to sell their drones.  U.S. drone manufacturers created technological advancements in this industry. They spent time and money on research, development, and manufacturing their product only to find the U.S. was not a market due to regulations.  The ATA Carnet provides temporary access to international markets to attend trade shows, demonstrations, make sales calls on potential customers, all without paying import-duty and -tax.  The U.S. drone industry is a prime example of going where the market is—and many do.  There are also international drone competitions where ATA Carnets have saved university and company teams considerable time and money, while easing the Customs clearance process.  

One of boomerang’s unmanned vehicle customers, under water instead of overhead, conducting submersible exploration of the RMS Titanic wreckage, excavated a bottle of Bass Ale from it.  The still-capped bottle, although empty, was brought to the surface and added to an exhibition travelling the world with other Titanic recovered items.  The Bass Ale bottle was put on an ATA Carnet as an exhibiting artifact and valued at $10,000.  A small object with great resonance putting viewers readily in touch, more than a century later, with the humanity of this tragic event.     

Boomerang carnets® can assist you in understanding the benefits of ATA Carnet.  With carnets and our guidance your business can expand into international markets and grow.  Our team of Carnet Specialists can answer any questions you might have. Call us. Carnets are a flexible international trade tool and boomerang carnets® will always find solutions for your specific needs, guiding you with our 30+ years of experience.  It can be done.