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Can ATA Carnets Replace Export Licenses?

Sunday, September 24, 2017

ATA Carnets for Industrial and Defense Applications Can Save Time and Money but They Don't Replace an Export License

By using an ATA Carnet for temporary exports exporters can avoid paying duties and taxes in 87 countries and territories and expedite the customs clearance process. Additionally, U.S. exporters avoid posting a bond or cash security upon importation to a foreign country.

Aerospace exhibitions, prototype demonstrations, industrial distributors, water purification projects, electrical power plants, telecommunications installations, disaster recovery and transportation development in foreign countries can benefit from using ATA Carnets to ship equipment to and from the project or exhibition site.

However, an ATA Carnet cannot replace the DSP-73 (Application for the Temporary Export of Unclassified Defense Articles) or any license, documentation and compliance requirements required by government agencies. The only exception is the optional U.S. Customs Form 4455. An ATA Carnet can replace the CF4455 and in that instance the ATA Carnet serves as the Certificate of Registration upon re-importation to the U.S.

For additional information about export compliance and technology transfer contact your Freight Forwarder or the Society for International Affairs.