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Boomerang Carnets’ Trade Bridge® Means Streamlining a Way to Trade

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Boomerang carnets® is a service company. We issue ATA Carnets which are a uniform, internationally accepted customs document allowing for cross border movement of goods while avoiding import-duty and -tax on those goods. Equally important is the surety bond needed to secure the carnet which is another service we offer. To assist in marketing our services, we register service marks with unique designations. The vision, creativity, and innovation that have been used to promote boomerang carnets are protected by the service marks we hold. During the 30+ years we’ve been helping businesses grow internationally our portfolio of service marks has expanded to thirty, primarily on the Principal Register in the United States and a few in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Writing about certain service marks in our Intellectual Property portfolio will tell the story of our company. With so many to choose from, we continue this series of our favorites. Admittedly, choosing some, and not all, will be difficult because each has a specific purpose and story.

Trade Bridge®, a service created to expedite and promote international trade by exercising the most direct route possible between “Business to Business”. By skipping the middleman, added costs and red tape can be avoided. Originally the idea of the late Bruce A. Wilson, co-founder and Chairman of boomerang carnets, its concept and goals continuously activate new, direct ways to do business. The three goals of this registered service mark invite businesses to:

  • Get heard. Trade Bridge facilitates the exchange of information, concerns and direct communication between member clients and your representatives on Capitol Hill.
  • Control import and export shipping costs. Trade Bridge association for international trade provides direct access to import and export information and services. Avoid unnecessary intermediaries that can absorb SMEs profits.
  • Compete Equally. Get the Trade Bridge edge to compete with multinationals effectively and profitably.

Trade Bridge provides information and forums for SMEs, usually sidelined in trade, so that they benefit directly from flexible international trade tools such as the ATA Carnet. The idea of Trade Bridge is to strengthen SMEs to expand into international markets, thereby increasing profits from exports/imports. ATA Carnet benefits act as a trade bridge into new international markets. Leveling the playing field for SMEs is a welcome necessity in any trade environment but especially in today’s environment.

Call us at the Carnet HelpLine® 1-800-ATA-2900 | 1-800-282-2900 to learn how your business can benefit from using ATA Carnets.

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