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Meet the Boomerang Ninja: Logan Broadbent

Thursday, October 3, 2019

New brochure featuring
Logan Broadbent

He is ranked number one in the United Stated and number two in the world. He could throw a boomerang before he could walk. He competes in marathons, triathlons and obstacle course races, and you won’t find him in the middle or the back of the pack at the finish line. His name is Logan Broadbent, also known as the Boomerang Ninja on NBC’s show, “American Ninja Warrior,” he has also been featured on Dude Perfect, the number one sports You Tube channel in the world. He recently earned the U.S. Boomerang Champion title after a rigorous weekend in Boise, Idaho, Aug. 16-18

Logan’s interest in boomerangs came about because he is the son of Gary Broadbent, another boomerang champion in his own right. Gary’s interest in boomerangs began as a result of a school assignment he had as a child; he decided to write about Australia and that is when he made the boomerang connection. Gary mastered the boomerang and became competitive. Logan accompanied his dad to many boomerang competitions and soon became accomplished in the sport.

Logan joined the U.S. Boomerang Team at the age of 14, the youngest ever to win a spot on the team. His father, Gary, was also on the team. The Team has seen lots of success over the years, is the current World Champion and, is the competition arm of the U.S. Boomerang Association, a non-profit organization that promotes the art, science and sport of boomerangs in the U.S.

In January 2013 Corporation for International Business’ (CIB) boomerang freight® solutions brand evolved into boomerang carnets®.  The company has been a proud sponsor of the USBA since 2004.

Logan appears as the “boomerang businessman” on the cover of our new brochure. You can also find him on numerous websites. His talents and joy for life are evident. Watch him catch the boomerang with his feet, knock out a row of candle flames, sink a basket with the boomerang; etc., his precision is phenomenal.

Visit us online at and please call us if you need an ATA Carnet or if you have any questions about the benefits of using one for your temporary exports (800)282-2900.

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