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Boomerang’s Carnet-Customized Airport Maps

Monday, December 13, 2021

Airport Maps to Help Locate Customs for ATA Carnet Validation Before Travel

Boomerang carnets® wants customers to locate Customs quickly and easily.  Delays caused by security procedures can be frustrating enough and there is no reason to lose precious time searching for Customs to get your ATA Carnet validated.  It is why we created Carnet-Customized Airport Maps (C-CAM).  There are currently 57 Carnet-Customized Airport Maps for international airports around the world on the Boomerang website with additional separate airport terminal maps for Detroit, London Heathrow, Mexico City, Minneapolis, Newark, Singapore, Taiwan, and Toronto. 

We want to make it easy for you!  C-CAM was created to help you pinpoint the exact location of customs at the airport of importation and re-exportation.  Customs can usually be found in an Arrivals terminal, Level or Area.  Signage at airports can sometimes be difficult to find, if non-existent.  Boomerang’s C-CAM has clearly marked Customs Locations in RED to assure your navigation through the airport with ease.  Our C-CAM also include important information to make your airport experience easier:

  • Carnet & Customs Instructions - reminding you to get your carnet validated and airport specific directions written out to guide you step-by-step to Customs
  • Customs contact information
  • Customs Hours of Operation
  • Airport Information: airport website address and customer service number
  • A Language Aid that you can present to airport personnel if needed so that you can be directed to the nearest Customs Area

Remember to always arrive early at the airport.  It’s advisable to give yourself at least 3 hours.  Use our C-CAM to direct you to the Customs Area to get your Carnet validated.  With checked equipment or merchandise, always get the name and number of the Customs person you speak to.  If needed later, you will have the proper number and contact.  Customs Officers often change shifts and having this information will save time and confusion if needed later.

Know the airport Customs office hours of operation & location ahead of time.  Schedule an appointment with Customs when travelling on the weekend and remember to use our Carnet-Customized Airport Maps to plan and always look up country advisories before you go as some countries have specific rules and requirements.  Use our C-CAM Interactive Maps to streamline your way to Customs.  They are just one of the things in the arsenal of travel tools that boomerang carnets provides.

Boomerang carnets® is happy to assist you and if you have any questions, call the Carnet HelpLine® 1-800-ATA-2900 |1-800-282-2900 or email us.

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