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Be Ready for Brexit

Call or email us to discuss your Brexit ATA Carnet questions: 800.ATA.2900.

Details of export document requirements to the E.U. when Brexit happens are still not final but we can provide some guidelines for planning. These guidelines are for non-U.K. carnet users since U.K. carnet users will have different requirements.

Assuming that the U.K. leaves the E.U. customs union, it is most likely that U.S. ATA Carnet users, with European destinations, will have to anticipate requesting more certificates than usual. The U.K will be treated like Switzerland and Norway which are not in the E.U. When entering and exiting these European, but not E.U., destinations, the ATA Carnet needs to be stamped and signed (validated). Within the E.U., as usual, you can cross national borders without getting the ATA Carnet validated.

Questions to answer when preparing the ATA Carnet application as Brexit approaches:

  1. What European countries, if any, will the ATA Carnet be used for? If traveling to more than one destination (country) in Europe, consult with a Carnet Specialist prior to finalizing the application.
  2. Will more than the standard number of certificate sets be required to cover all the destinations on the itinerary? The carnet is issued with 1-4 sets when it is issued, depending on the itinerary.
European Countries E.U. Member (after Brexit) Carnet Country May require a TIB Number of Entries/Exits
Austria Y Y    
Belgium Y Y    
Bulgaria Y Y    
Croatia Y Y    
Cyprus Y Y    
Czech Republic Y Y    
Denmark Y Y    
Estonia Y Y    
Finland Y Y    
France Y Y    
Germany Y Y    
Greece Y Y    
Hungary Y Y    
Ireland Y Y    
Italy Y Y    
Latvia Y Y    
Lithuania Y Y    
Luxembourg Y Y    
Malta Y Y    
Netherlands Y Y    
Poland Y Y    
Portugal Y Y    
Romania Y Y    
Slovakia Y Y    
Slovenia Y Y    
Spain Y Y    
Sweden Y Y    
U.K. N Y    
Switzerland N Y    
Norway N Y    
Belarus N Y    
Bosnia and Herzegovina N Y    
Kazakhstan N Y    
Kosovo N N Y  
Kyrgyzstan N N Y  
Liechtenstein N Y    
Macedonia N Y    
Moldova N Y    
Montenegro N Y    
Russian Federation N Y    
Serbia N Y    
Tajikistan N N Y  
Turkey N Y    
Turkmenistan N N Y  
Ukraine N Y    
Uzbekistan N N Y  
Total Entries/Exits       XXXXX