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ATA Carnet Best Practices Published

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Tracking, managing and returning an ATA Carnet has always been the key to its proper use and to avoiding trouble after a trip. At times, this is easier said than done.

Now there is a single, 2-page document for holders, compliance managers and freight forwarders to refer to for help: ATA Carnet Best Practices.

Here are the top 10 Best Practices in summary form:

  1. Know your Obligations and Responsibilities
  2. Read and Follow the Instructions
  3. Require Employee Training
  4. Retain a Copy of the Unused Carnet
  5. Keep Track of Carnet Expiration Dates
  6. Require Regular Notification By Your Freight Forwarder
  7. Use the Online Carnet Reports
  8. Use the USCIB and boomerang carnets® Expiration Notifications
  9. Make a Copy of the Used Carnet Prior to Returning It
  10. Purchase Lost, Stolen or Destroyed Carnet Document/Regularization Fee Warranty Protection


And, since no document can replace the knowledge and experience of a Carnet Specialist, always call your carnet specialist, carnet service provider or issuing office when in doubt. Early intervention helps avoid problems later on.