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35 Years Going Strong: Curt E. H. Wilson

Friday, March 18, 2022

Celebrating 35 Years of Returns! 1987- 2022

As part of the boomerang carnets® year-long celebration commemorating our 35th Anniversary, we salute Curt E. H. Wilson, President and CEO, who built the company with his father, Bruce A. Wilson, beginning in 1987.  Father and son first set up shop in an 1895 farmhouse garage.  Corporation for International Business, aka boomerang carnets, began as a carnet claim handling operation and has grown into a carnet and carnet bond authority in the U.S. and U.K.

Mr. Wilson directs and oversees all boomerang carnets’ day-to-day operations.  He is a hands-on leader who takes ultimate responsibility for quality and customer service.  His expertise includes carnet bond underwriting, logistics, carnet claim management, client relationship management, cargo insurance, and new product development.  Mr. Wilson directed the transition of boomerang carnets from a claim handling company to a major U.S. carnet issuing office.  Under his management, the surety operations of boomerang carnets have grown from zero in 1988 to U.S. $365,000,000 of bond penalty amount in 2019.

Mr. Wilson has traveled the world extensively representing U.S. carnet interests and evangelizing about the many benefits of the ATA Carnet temporary export document.  He is passionate about the many advantages of the ATA Carnet as well as supporting boomerang carnets diverse customer base, from symphony orchestras to automobile manufacturers.  His extraordinary knowledge of the ATA Carnet and its flexibility as a trade tool has earned him the moniker of “Carnet King” in some circles.  He is a familiar face at meetings with the International Chamber of Commerce as well as the United States Council for International Business customs committee and represents boomerang carnets at trade shows, webinars, and round table discussions.

In the past 35 years, Mr. Wilson has seen and done it all!  He has cultivated relationships and finessed sticky situations with customs on many occasions for clients.  Some of Boomerang’s more notable carnets through the years were for 84 huskie sled dogs headed to the French Alps, a pregnant circus elephant, a billion dollar 787 Dreamliner sent to Siberia for “cold” testing, and news camera crews aboard Air Force One to cover President Obama’s trip to Portugal.  On a typical Saturday afternoon, you might find Mr. Wilson driving the Carnet-mobile to CBP at O’Hare Airport to meet a customer.  Or taking a call from a traveling carnet user who needs assistance.

When asked for a timely carnet tip, he said: “It’s important to get your carnets from an experienced carnet provider like Boomerang.  You pay one fee, and your carnet is valid for up to 12 months into multiple countries.  Take advantage of the carnet’s benefits.  You will save money.  Don’t be talked into a carnet valid into just one country because if you want to travel to another country with those goods, you must apply for another carnet and pay the fee a second, third or fourth time.  The beauty of ATA Carnets are the benefits which include unlimited trips into 87+ carnet countries and territories for up to a year. That’s savings and mobility and that’s what an ATA Carnet is all about.”