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Carnet Terms and Conditions

Your Approval is Required Prior to Issuing the Carnet

1. Security Deposit

In connection with this security, I and my representative(s), as the Holder of the Carnet, agree that the security I have posted as guarantee may be drawn upon to reimburse USCIB for such duties, taxes, charges, legal fees and all costs incurred by USCIB as a result of my failure to comply with all U.S. Customs or foreign customs conditions as required by all ATA Conventions, and with all instructions issued by USCIB on the use of my ATA Carnet/TECRO Carnet, or as a result of any breach of the Carnet system for a period of 30 months. I further agree to make payment to USCIB on all valid customs claims that may exceed my security amount. I also understand that if the Carnet is surrendered to USCIB or its Service Providers with all used and unused certificates and USCIB has determined that it has been correctly utilized, USCIB may release me from the guarantee I have furnished prior to the 30 month period.

2. Obligation
In connection with the use of this Carnet, I and my representative(s), as the Holder of the Carnet, undertake to timely repatriate under the ATA Carnet and TECRO Carnet, all of the goods taken abroad, to produce satisfactory and timely evidence to cancel or mitigate any claim issued against my Carnet by a foreign guaranteeing association, to comply with all customs regulations and requirements both in the United States and abroad, and to accept responsibility for the results of the negotiations or proceedings with any customs authority conducted by me as Holder or by USCIB on my behalf. I declare that all my statements in connection with this application, and the descriptions of items on the General List, are true and correct. I and my representative(s), as Carnet Holder, hereby acknowledge my acceptance of the above and any payment of processing fees, cash deposits, and/or bond premium (as applicable) associated with the processing and issuance of this Carnet; such payments shall be further evidence of the acceptance of my obligations under this Carnet.

If I am a freight forwarder, Customs broker, or other third party submitting this application on behalf of the Carnet Holder, I acknowledge that I am fully authorized to bind the above obligations on the Carnet Holder’s behalf.

3. Carnet Documentation
Based on my application, my Service Provider has processed a General List and counterfoil/voucher sets to my specifications. I hereby confirm that I will review my delivered documentation for accuracy upon arrival and will notify my Service Provider of any missing or incomplete documents for corrective action PRIOR to any Carnet travel, including instances in which I may require additional counterfoil/voucher sets beyond those originally issued. I acknowledge that it is not permissible to alter or add to the original documentation that is provided (green cover, General List, counterfoils, and vouchers) and that I and my representative are forbidden to present USCBP or foreign customs with a photocopy or otherwise reproduced facsimile of the Carnet documentation provided to me by my Service Provider. I acknowledge that Customs must validate original paperwork ONLY and that any reproduction of the Carnet in whole or part will be used exclusively for the purposes of my own recordkeeping as described below.

4. Rules for Using the Carnet
Carnet Holders are required to follow the rules on the inside folder of the Carnet once received, the green covers, advisories, warnings, and general instructions describing the proper use of a Carnet. I acknowledge that the rules for using the ATA/TECRO Carnet appear on the inside of the jacket that contains the ATA/TECRO Carnet, and that I have read and will follow them carefully. The rules may also be found at

I further agree to return my Carnet after final use to boomerang carnets®/Corporation for International Business with all used and unused certificates within 15 days after my final trip by receipted mail and to retain a copy of the carnet for my records.