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Boomerang Freight Solutions Brand Gets Update: Boomerang Carnets

Jan 16, 2013

Starting January 16th, 2013 the Corporation for International Business boomerang freight® solutions brand is evolving into boomerang carnets®. An updated, simplified logo will be launched along with fresh identification on all social media and advertising outlets where Corporation for International Business’ ATA Carnet service can be found.

The brand update comes after nine years of successfully branding ATA Carnets using the boomerang concept: an object that goes out and comes back just like carnet freight. Since carnet is not a word in English and, therefore, does not evoke a mental image for Americans, marketers at Corporation for International Business developed the boomerang concept. A boomerang is commonly known to return to where it started and has a strong mental image associated with it. Additionally, the word boomerang is universal. That is, it is the same in languages around the world.

Since the introduction of boomerang freight® solutions, customers and international trade professionals have come to refer to Corporation for International Business as boomerang carnets®. “It is a logical progression to update the brand and logo to boomerang carnets®,” commented Moira Wilson, Marketing & Special Events at Corporation for International Business. “It describes what the service is, builds on the boomerang image and simplifies the logo.”

The boomerang freight® solutions website and online carnet application all remain the same with the exception of the boomerang carnets® logo. All user IDs, passwords and links remain the same for customers’ carnet accounts.

Questions or comments related to this brand update can be directed to Leslie Levy August, Senior Vice President, Corporation for International Business, ph. 847.852.3103.